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Custom Colour and Special Effect Finishes

MSS have developed individual work areas for their special effect and custom coatings division. The booking in, booking out, collection/delivery and standard procedures of carrying out the works are the same as those outlined in the workshop section, but the finishes are non standard and can be specifically designed to customer requirements.

Special effect and custom coatings are covered by powder coat, wet coat, and forced rusting applications, and are mainly aimed at the car, bike, cycle, scooter and individuals/specials markets. We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with our paint/powder suppliers, and are able to offer our custom coatings Leeds products in the following ranges,
  • Candy Lacquers
  • Pearls
  • Two-Tone
  • Fade Out
  • Marbleising
  • Rag-Roll
  • Metal Flakes
  • Snowflake/Spangle Lacquers
  • Chrome Effect
  • Polishing
  • Forced Rusting of steel components
Note: With special effect and custom finishes the condition of the item substrate material is more important than ever. The finish on the item can only be as good as the original substrate material allows. Badly corroded, weathered or battered items will badly degrade the appearance of the finish. Please note MSS are not a body shop and are not able to fill and sand if required, all this type of pre-treatment must be carried out prior by customer, and then must still be discussed with MSS to confirm it will stand up to the oven temperatures.

If you don't see your specific requirements above please don't be put off, it may still be something we can do or develop with you: Remember this is how we got into these specialised procedures and coatings in the first place, someone asked us to do them and we developed them accordingly.

We offer a full managed service to our customers, from the word go right through to the end, and operate within two key core values:

1. Care and Attention Guaranteed 2. Quality and Service Always Wins

It is the flexibility and creativity, along with the experienced staff and managers of MSS that wins over new customers and keeps them for years to come.



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Care and Attention Guaranteed
Quality and Service Always Wins
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